Meet our final 3 Ambassadors!

  • Chelsea Ramjit
  • Justine Low
  • Selisa Jessamy

All three of these young women impressed us tremendously with their mettle and positivity in the face of adversity, and their determination to enhance the lives of people around them. Join with us as we salute these 3 amazing young ladies.


Chelsea Ramjit

Age: 22
Hometown: Pointe-à-Pierre
Occupation: Student/Drama teacher
Favourite Show: The Walking Dead
Favourite Place to Relax: Maracas beach

Chelsea channels her creative energies every day. As a teacher she works hard to engage her students, while making sure they are enjoying themselves and learning through the arts. At the age of 15, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. After her mother’s death, which was followed by her grandmother, Chelsea cared for her younger sister. Despite her early challenges, Chelsea has proven to be resilient. And much like her favourite actress, Meryl Streep, Chelsea utilizes her courage and adaptability to excel in her chosen field. In 2014, she won the coveted Derek Walcott Bursary in Creative and Festival Arts. If you ask about her ambition she will reply it’s to become a theatre in education teacher for specially-abled children. Chelsea’s outlook is a bright future filled with endless opportunities and lots of colour!

Giatri Lalla

Age: 21
Hometown: Montrose, Chaguanas
Occupation: Student
Favourite Show: The Flash
Favourite Place to Relax: Stay Home

Giatri has spent the past few years pursuing academic and personal excellence. She left home at a young age to participate in a foreign exchange programme based in Washington D.C. After a month, she returned to Trinidad as a youth ambassador and put her experience to work, helping to refurbish a library in an orphanage. Along with her friends, Giatri raised funds for the library, as well as they worked together to renovate the facility. This experience has led Giatri and her friends to found their own NGO, with a goal to help underprivileged schoolchildren. Even with all of her charity work, she still manages to achieve good grades and is entering her final year of study. Giatri is a modern day superhero and even has the pose!

Kandyss Trancoso

Age: 25
Hometown: Sangre Grande
Occupation: CEO and Co-Founder of Royalink Ltd.
Favourite Show: Shark Tank
Favourite Place to Relax: Barbados

If you follow technology you’d likely have heard of Virginia “Ginni” Rometty who heads IBM. And much like Ginni, Kandyss is blazing the trail with much style and confidence in a sector traditionally dominated by men. Kandyss co-founded Royalink Ltd at 17 years old, along with her older sister. Since then, the pair has worked with mentors in Silicon Valley, home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations and startups. However, Kandyss’ desire to become a business leader did not begin with Royalink. In fact, at age 12 she recognized her passion for entrepreneurship after purchasing cookies and reselling them at a church fundraiser. While some may doubt her ability because of her age, Kandyss’ determination and portfolio have proven her to be a capable businesswoman with a few startups already under her fashionable belt.

Justine Low

Age: 25
Hometown: Maraval
Occupation: Branding and Events Coordinator
Favourite Movie: Pitch Perfect
Favourite Place to Relax: Anywhere near the ocean

Justine doesn’t do it like a boss, she is a boss! Friends and co-workers agree she has a special touch when it comes to events as everything she works on turns out to be a raving success. Justine’s penchant for planning events started when she was just 13 years old with planning birthday parties. Since then, her creativity has blossomed and led to a successful career planning large-scale events for a multinational. While she admits event planning is hard work, she doesn’t shy away from such having experienced difficulties in her personal life. At eight months, Justine suffered 3rd degree burns from a fire. Regardless, her warm spirit radiates when she walks into a room and soon after you fall trap to her captivating sense of humour. Justine wants to inspire young women to use their passion to reach their fullest potential.

Selisa Jessamy

Age: 21
Hometown: Calder Hall, Tobago
Occupation: Student/Special Needs Teacher
Favourite Show: Any Crime Show
Favourite Place to Relax: Store Bay, Tobago

Selisa is a passionate, kind young woman, evident in her burning desire to help students with special needs. She was inspired to do so after a teaching assignment with OJT whereby she recognized that the majority of students in her classroom had needs she could not provide for adequately. This experience propelled her to pursue her studies in primary and special needs education. In 2015, she travelled to rural Ghana where she further pursued this passion, participating in a programme that allowed her to assist with teaching in classrooms there. Selisa’s drive and her love for children is only matched by her great sense of style and natural flair for fashion, which if you ask her, she won’t admit to.

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The final 2 ambassadors will be selected as follows:

  • 1 ambassador – nominee gaining the most votes at the end of the voting period
  • 1 ambassador – selected by a panel of judges

Ambassador Expectations

The Like A Girl ambassador will represent the Always brand & AMCO for a period of 1 year and both parties will engage upon an agreed contract.

During the contracted period the ambassador will be used in advertising and promotional material as well as make public appearances endorsing the brand and the initiative.

During the time of endorsement, the use of the ambassador's name or likeness or identifiable voice or other services cannot be used for any advertising for any competitive client, product or service.

AMCO reserves the right to immediately end the partnership and contracted agreement with the ambassador, shall the ambassador bring the brand into disrepute or engage in behaviour that does not align with the brand’s image or offend its customer base.



  • Nomination period ended on June 20th, 2016.
  • AMCO reserves the right to extend the nomination period at their discretion.
  • AMCO reserves the right to disqualify nominations deemed inappropriate at their sole discretion.

Short Listed Selection Of Ambassadors

  • Based on all qualified nominations received, 5 nominees - at maximum - will be shortlisted and shared with the public for voting.

Final Selection Of 2 Like A Girl Tt Ambassadors

The final 2 ambassadors will be selected as follows:

  • 1 ambassador – nominee gaining the most votes at the end of the voting period
  • 1 ambassador – selected by a panel of judges